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 Be sure to listen to our radio show. A radio player is available for you so you can listen to our previous shows. This player is located at the bottom of this page, just scroll down and press play.Together we will have dialog pertaining to our community and solutions. We also talk about how we can better enjoy ourselves. We will discuss having fun and how to gain economic prosperity within our community. Inspiration and encouragement is what we need and it's what we will get on Black Folks Business Radio.

If you have a show idea let us know at Black Folks Business Radio.


Phone: 408-412-1386

Radio show call in number: (323) 843-6057

If you have Ideas for a needed radio show let us know by email.

If you are a professional within the black community and would like to be a guest on the show please let us
know by email or call.

If you are a listener and would like to call in an share your opinion and ideas, please call in on the show during
a live broadcast at

Thanks for visiting Black Folks Business. Remember, "if you are black, it is your business!"

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